Ready for a spring clean?

REyooz is launching in Spring 2014 and we need your help to give new life to your old things by gifting them to your friends and neighbours.

What is REyooz?
It’s a social gifting network. If you’ve heard of Freecycle or Freegle it’s like that and a lot, lot more.
We all have things in our lives that we used to love but we just don’t need or have time for any more. Those things either end up gathering dust or, heaven forbid, going to landfill.
Not any more. Let’s gift those things to our friends and neighbours who can give them a new life and new meaning.
We are priviledged to be working with...
Launching Spring 2014
Before then we will be asking a few early adopters to help us road test our product and, we would love to invite you to take part.
Thank you! You'll be hearing from us soon