Welcome to the Reyooz Blog

Welcome to the Reyooz Blog

Welcome to the Reyooz Blog! Reyooz is on a mission to help businesses create environmental, economic and social value through the maximum reuse of stuff.

Through our blog, we’ll be bringing you the latest Case Studies of businesses, charities and schools that have benefited from second-hand ‘stuff’, as well as shedding some light on the insanity that led us to create Reyooz.

The UK wastes over 300 tonnes of office furniture and equipment every day. Most of it is incinerated, wasted. But we believe we can change this. We believe we can Make Waste History. Join us on this mission.

Want to become a Reyoozer? Get started today and browse our catalogue of second-hand items at www.shop.reyooz.com

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