Why Reyooz?

Why Reyooz?

This is all new and I've not had time to write this properly.

Anyway, lets just cover it all as quickly as possible and we'll do this right when we get a few hours off over Christmas,

Reyooz started out as a mission. Some fantastic things have happened since the dawn of the interweb and one of them is Freecycle. Awesome idea, amazing following but an awful product.

If only someone could do Freecycle like they did Instagram. Just get some nerds together who know how to crank out addictive world changing platforms and apply them to something that really matters.

It started out as a better Freecycle and it's become way more. A real world solution to a seriously broken social norm - waste.

A circular economy, where there is no such thing as waste, needs a platform that can keep everything in use. Like a giant cyclone that absorbs unwanted stuff, turns it into lovely new stuff and then sends it out to someone who needs it.

We're now processing about 20 tonnes of stuff every day. We reuse at least 80% of everything, we properly recycle the rest. Nothing else on the planet comes close.

We need to be doing more. We need to be processing 500 tonnes a day just to tackle the UK.

Then we'll take it overseas.

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