Free computer screens for schools

Reyooz and Microsoft have 650 computer monitors to donate to schools. All are at least 24" flat screens and less than 5 years old.

If you’d like some for your school, enter your email address below to win up to fifty screens.

One of our team will get in touch to verify you are indeed a school. Then in April we will get back in touch to let you know if you've won and how we'll get the screens to you

How does this work?

We are working with Microsoft to donate 650 computer screns to as many schools as we can. They are a mixed bag of brands from Dell, Samsung, LG and Acer. All are at least 24" flat screens. All are in good condition and come with monitor stand and power cable.


Who the heck is Reyooz?

Companies waste millions of pounds of perfect stuff every year. Reyooz takes that stuff and either sells it for next to nothing or donates it to people who need it. We have thousands of schools, charities and small businesses who rely on Reyooz.

"We spent around £10,000 with Reyooz but that’s got us furniture worth over £150,000. Working with Reyooz, we made improvements that would’ve taken over a decade to achieve in a few months."

Rashid Bensergihn, Headteacher
Roxbourne Primary School, Harrow

“I’d say to any school you are getting what you need, a quality product, a range to choose from and your are doing it the right way.  Ethically you are supporting the environment by reusing, saving money, which all schools should be doing , but you get great products and a great service”

Mr A Dean, Assistant Head Teacher
John Fisher School, Purley

“Reyooz has made a massive difference.  Our budgets aren’t enormous and you’ve really helped us to make it a brighter place and to give the students and the staff a better experience”

Alan Blount, Headteacher
Newstead Wood School

We've got 650 of these to give away

We can’t guarantee exactly which screens you will get but below are a few of them to give you a 99% good idea of what you’ll get. Each comes with a power cable and stand.

Samsung S24C450B 24” flat screen monitor
Dell G2410t 24” flat screen monitor
LG 24MB35PY 24” flat screen monitor
NEC EA244WMI 24” flat screen monitor
ViewSonic VG2227WM 27” flat screen monitor
HPLA2405WG 24” flat screen monitor

Talk to us

Any email you send to will get to the right person. There’s also a chat widget on the bottom right of the screen and we try to be here for you.